The Holy Spirit and Public Life

London School of Theology Principal, the Revd Professor Mark J. Cartledge has recently published a book entitled The Holy Spirit and Public Life: Empowering Ecclesial Praxis.  The book sets out to inform the church how it can engage with issues in society by using biblical texts as a basis for understanding and action.

The book engages in an academic conversation about public theology, about why and how the Christian faith should inspire and empower transformative social engagement in the world.  As the Holy Spirit comes alongside disciples, the church can also draw alongside the world, offering Spirit-empowered witness.

Mark approaches the biblical text in light of issues experienced in the world today, such as sex trafficking and race and ethnicity, using these issues to interpret the text and develop an understanding that informs the church’s response.

Andrew Davies comments ‘The Holy Spirit and Public Life offers a masterful analysis of the intersections between pneumatology and public theology as well as contemporary Christianity and ‘secular’ society. Examining issues from race to domestic violence with compassion as well as critical rigour, Mark J. Cartledge, one of the UK’s leading authorities on the Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement, skilfully anchors his argument in both the biblical text and insight and empirical data from the contemporary world. His deep appreciation of the many ways in which the Christian faith inspires and empowers transformative social engagement will motivate and mould the rising commitment among Pentecostals and Charismatics to live the gospel in the public square, in the power of the Spirit.’

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