Postgraduate Fees & Funding

Programme Fees
Tuition Fees cover tuition for the whole academic year and are not refundable if a student withdraws part way through the year. Students who withdraw from their course of study during the year are liable for fees for the entire year.

Middlesex University Registration Fees
Included in the Tuition Fees that students pay to London School of Theology are fees the School has to pay to Middlesex University to cover the costs of registration and other academic administration associated with their validation of programmes at London School of Theology.

Amenities Fees
Amenities Fees cover the use of School facilities, use of the library (both on campus and online), and IT and admin support. Online students are not required to pay amenities fees.

Fees are reviewed annually in accordance with the most recent Office for Students guidelines.

You can find more information about Fees and Funding at London School of Theology here.

Below, you will find our fee sheets for the academic year 2024-25.