Vocational Services

Vocational Services will be alongside you throughout your journey at London School of Theology, helping you keep your studies practical and applied, through placement, and helping you get equipped for your vocational future after graduation. We do this in several ways: 

Practical placement in your first year

Core modules for most programmes in your first year involve a weekly, church-based placement throughout the academic yearWe will work with you individually to ensure the placement is a good match for you (allocating residential students to a local church partner and working with home churches for non-res/online students)This gives you the chance, in a church family context, both to apply what you’re learning at LST to the ‘real world’ AND to identify, develop and pass on your gifts and skills. You will grow in Christian character, whilst exploring leadership potential and being shaped for your future life and ministry. 

Practical placement in your second year

Placement can be carried out ‘for credit’ or ‘informally’ in second year – either intensively through the summer months, or weekly across the academic year. This time placement is about listening to God and testing your vocational call – so it is as unique to you as your thumbprint! You might choose Chaplaincy at Heathrow Airport, or beach mission in Mallorja; teaching in a secondary school, or working in the business world; you might continue in a church context, or work in an anti-trafficking charity (all recent placements). These experiences are invaluable for your CV, nurturing in you those essential transferable skills that employers seek.  

Planning to Serve

We invite a wide range of organisations onto campus, so that students can understand the opportunities out there, both for work experience and employment. Through workshops and 1-1 support, we help students discern where they will thrive vocationally and get equipped to reach their goalsIn short, we do all we can to enable students to hear and respond to God’s call on their life – then go and put their Theology+ into practice, to the ends of the earth! 

Hear From Our Students

We are passionate about putting our theological education into practice in the real world.