Mark J. Cartledge
Principal, Professor of practical theology

BA Hons (London School of Theology) MPhil (Oak Hill Theological College) PhD (University of Wales) FRSA

Professor Cartledge is a Church of England minister with extensive experience in ministry over many years. He has taught in seminaries in Nigeria and the USA, as well as St John’s College, Durham. He has also worked in departments of Theology and Religion at the Universities of Wales (Lampeter, now called Trinity Saint David) and Birmingham. He is a practical theologian who has specialised in the study of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity. His most recent book is entitled: The Holy Spirit and Public Life: Empowering Ecclesial Praxis (Minneapolis, MN: Lexington Books / Fortress Academic, 2022).

Recent and Forthcoming Publications

The Holy Spirit and Public Life: Empowering Ecclesial Praxis (Minneapolis, MN: Lexington Books / Fortress Academic, 2022), 264 pp.

(with Kimberly Ervin Alexander, Melissa Archer, and Michael D. Palmer), eds., Sisters, Mothers, Daughters: Pentecostal Perspectives on Violence Against Women (Leiden: Brill, 2022), 284 pp.

‘Virtual Mediation of the Spirit: Prospects for Digital Pentecostalism’, PentecoStudies: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Research on the Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements 21.1 (2022), forthcoming.

‘Evangelical Practical Theology: The Past, the Present and the Possible Future’, in Helen Cameron and Helen Morris (eds.), Evangelicals Engaging in Practical Theology: Theology that Impacts Church and World (London: Routledge, 2022), pp. 203-217.

‘Ordinary Trinitarian Theology in the Assemblies of God: A Qualitative Study’ in Andrew Davies and Anne E. Dyer (eds.), The Spirit in Society: Essays in Honour of William K. Kay (Cleveland, TN: CPT Press, 2022), pp. 203-224.

‘British Pentecostalism and Public Theology: Navigating the Path between Discipleship and Citizenship’, Journal of the European Pentecostal Theological Association, 41.2 (2021), pp. 108-123.

‘“Liberation Theology opted for the Poor, and the Poor opted for [Neo-]Pentecostalism”: Illustrating the Influence of the “Prosperity Gospel” in Brazil’, (De)Coloniality and Religious Practices: Liberating Hope. International Academy of Practical Theology Conference Series, Vol.2 edited by Júlio Cézar, Valburga Schmiedt Streck, and Claudio Carvalhaes (2021), pp. 85-92.

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