Graham McFarlane

Graham McFarlane

Director of Research and Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology

Graham is a Director of Research and Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology.

Graham loves to earth his theology in the here and now. A dynamic communicator who seeks to engage his  students’ minds and hearts, whether undergraduate or postgraduate. Graham believes that theology must always be the unpacking of the Gospel and should seek the transformation of the lecturer and the student. He enjoys engaging theology with contemporary art and takes students to Tate Modern, London to further their understanding of  worldviews being expressed through the world class exhibits. Graham is a successful research supervisor, having mentored nearly 30 students through to successful PhDs covering a range of topics from Trinitarian theology, Christology, Pneumatology, Soteriology through to Anthropology.


After graduating from LBC/LST, Graham trained as an RE teacher (PGQE, RE) Dip.Ed, Glasgow) and went on to teach and become head of department in a very challenging school in Scotland. This experience was essential training and instrumental in determining the nature of Graham’s theological thinking. Graham returned to LBC/LST to read the MA (Hermeneutics) before spending one year as a helper at English L’Abri. Graham joined LST faculty in 1990 after completing his PhD at King’s College London on Edward Irving’s understanding of the relation between Christ and the Spirit, under the supervision of Colin Gunton. This was later  published as Christ and the Spirit (Paternoster Press).


In addition to his own teaching and supervision, Graham is Director of  LST’s Research Department which attracts a worldwide group of students,  many of whose theses also go on to be published.


In his latest book, A Model for Evangelical Theology, (Baker Academic, 2020) Graham presents a theological model that engages Scripture, tradition, reason, experience and community (both as an expression of coram Deo and as the living out of missio Dei). Graham believes passionately that a specifically evangelical theology must remain faithful to the Gospel and the call of Jesus in not only loving God, neighbour and self, but also in living this out in discipleship and disciple-making.