BA (Hons) Theology & Music
Theology and Music is a combined and integrated programme designed for musically gifted students with training in performance, music theory, and aural skills. It provides the opportunity to develop those skills and knowledge to a very high level, whilst equipping students theologically.

Studying music at London School of Theology has equipped me with a fundamental understanding of core principles in music which have assisted me in developing my musicianship. It has also given me the ability to delve deeper into the knowledge of my primary instrument and inspired me to express myself in fresh and creative ways.

Timothy Graham

Programme Overview

The Theology and Music programme is unique in Europe. As well as core theological studies, it offers a wide range of practical and theoretical music modules. Key to the programme is the intentional integration of theology and music, allowing them to inform and converse with each other (in contrast to a traditional combined degree where disciplines are studied separately). Students are offered a broad and wide-ranging curriculum, encompassing performance, historical studies, analytical work, composition, and arranging.

The programme, offered at Certificate, Diploma and Degree levels, is specifically targeted at musically gifted students with significant training in performance, music theory, and aural skills. Applicants will usually have come through a formal music education route, perhaps having taken A-level music or with equivalent experience. Mature students with previous musical training are also very welcome to apply, and we especially encourage applications from orchestral, vocal, and keyboard musicians. The programme is not restricted to classical musicians, and jazz/world musicians with the requisite skills and knowledge may certainly apply.

The Theology and Music programme allows students to hone and advance their musical skills to an advanced, often professional level within the context of theological education and a pastoral Christian environment. Students are equipped for a wide range of careers, as musicians and composers in the Church, or more generally as performers, composers, teachers, educators, and music directors. A range of stimulating module options caters for individual skills and interests.

Faculty members include leading practitioners and thinkers in music, theology, and related fields. This wealth of experience, combined with a rigorous approach to the integration of music with theological and biblical insights, promises a challenging, but rewarding and enjoyable programme of study.

Theology & Music Scholarships

LST is pleased to offer a limited number of scholarships for gifted instrumentalists applying to the Theology & Music programme. This will be awarded after an applicant’s ability is successfully shown at audition/interview.

50% off accommodation charges and guaranteed accommodation for up to three years, for any year a student opts to live on campus.

Programme Leader, Theology, Music and Worship Programmes
Rebecca Uberoi