Ike Odina
Theology & Counselling PROGRAMME LEADER

Ike’s academic roots are based, quite firmly, in the existential approach to psychotherapy and counselling. As such, in fulfilment of his master’s degree (from The School of Psychotherapy & Counselling, Regent’s College now Regent’s University) Ike’s final dissertation centred around Jesus Christ being the template for all psychotherapeutic practitioners – regardless of modality. To this end he has never experienced the issue of separating his faith from his profession.

Being an avid reader of Freud and his contemporaries, Ike also has a great interest in the psychology of dreams and their use in the psychotherapeutic process. More recently Ike’s interests have become focused on Artificial Intelligence and the growing possibility of psychotherapy being carried by such. With three decades of clinical experience to glean from, Ike is very excited about the continued growth and development of a positive working alliance between theology and counselling, by way of the REMA model. Ike continues to supervise practitioners and provide psychotherapeutic services by way of his practice.

Over the years, Ike has been privileged to have been invited to work with a very broad spectrum of society, and has helped many people with a broad range of issues from across all areas of life.