Flexibly Study Options

Certificate, Diploma, or Degree

The music and worship programmes can be studied to Certificate, Diploma, or Degree level. Each level is complete in itself, but also provides the foundation for the next. You may decide, after initially signing up for one year, that you would like to stay on and do more.

On Campus or Blended Study

You can choose to study all your modules on campus, or to blend on campus and online learning. Only the theology modules are available to take online; all music and worship modules must be taken on campus.

Full-Time or Part-Time

If you opt for full-time study, you will complete one level each year:

  • Year 1: Certificate of Higher Education (Level 4)
  • Year 2: Diploma of Higher Education (Level 5)
  • Year 3: BA Hons) (Level 6)

If you opt for part-time study, each level will take two years to complete:

  • Years 1-2: Certificate of Higher Education (Level 4)
  • Years 3-4: Diploma of Higher Education (Level 5)
  • Years 5-6: BA Hons (Level 6)

It is possible to switch between full-time and part-time. For example, you might study level 4 part-time (over two years) and then switch to full-time study and complete levels 5 and 6 over the following two years. If you took this approach, you would complete your degree after four years.

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