Certificate in Theology, Music & Worship [Level 4]

In your first year, you will study three complementary strands of theological thinking: Biblical Studies; Christian History, Doctrine and Theology; and Christian Life, Ministry and Mission.

Unit Name Hours
Certificate of Higher Education in Theology & Worship - Level 4
New Testament Survey
Old Testament Survey
Introduction to Christian Doctrine
Introduction to Theology
Faith in Time
Spiritual Theology
Performance Studies
Keyboard Skills
Worship Ministry in Practice
Theology of Worship
Aural Awareness & Sight Singing
Composition & Arranging
Creative Music Skills
Diploma in Theology, Music & Worship [Level 5]

In the second year, two- thirds of modules are compulsory and one-third are optional. In the third year, one-quarter of the content is compulsory.

Unit Name Hours
Diploma of Higher Education in Theology & Worship - Level 5
Jesus and the Gospels
Genesis, Prophets & God
Person and Work of Christ
Relational Theology
Spiritual Theology
Theology of Worship
Performance Studies
Corporate Worship Studies
Understanding Music, Vocation & Personhood
Composition & Arranging
Aural Awareness and Improvisation
BA (Hons) Degree in Theology, Music & Worship [Level 6]
Unit Name Hours
BA (Hons) Theology & Worship - Level 6
Key New Testament Texts
Person and Work of Spirit
Applied Worship Leadership
Integrating Theology and the Arts
Creativity in Context
Composition & Arranging
Theology & Worship Project