Entry Requirements – BA (Hons) Theology & Creative Musicianship

Instrumentalists or singers applying for the Theology and Creative Musicianship programme are expected to demonstrate a fluent performance level on instrument or voice. Whilst an applicant may have progressed through a graded system, we recognise that not all ‘informally-trained’ musicians will have done so, and we therefore welcome applications from instrumentalists or vocalists without formal qualifications. Particular importance is attached to the interview and audition, where students have the opportunity to demonstrate practical skills and general musicianship. For international students, a validated audition-recording and/or an online meeting is acceptable in lieu of an audition on campus. Applicants will be asked to complete an information profile giving specific details of their musical experience prior to auditioning.

Applicants wishing to take first study music production must demonstrate a high level of general musicianship across different genres and might typically have studied music technology A-level, or equivalent. They should prepare two contrasting recordings which they have produced, to be sent prior to interview and ideally have performance ability in at least one instrument or voice. Some experience of sound recording and of music production software is expected, along with a wide range of listening experience.

The requirements above are in addition to the institutional entry conditions for study at London School of Theology. These require that students must demonstrate the ability to successfully undertake an undergraduate programme of this nature. This will normally mean two A levels plus three different GCSE passes at grade C or above (one GCSE must be English) or equivalent for students under 21. Mature students (aged 21 and over) without these qualifications will be considered individually. If you do not meet any of the above entry requirements, please contact a member of the music and worship department who will be happy to discuss your situation informally.

Please note that applicants exempt from visa requirements will need to pay a £250 deposit to secure a place on their course. For those who do need a visa, applicants will be required to pay £3,500 not studying on campus, or £5,000 for those studying on campus.

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