Introducing Church History

The Church has a heritage that is rich, diverse and colourful. You make think of history as a boring subject, simply a list of dates and events. However, the situation in which we live now is strongly affected by the past. An improved awareness of those events will help us understand the impact they have on us, and be far more relevant and useful than abstract facts. It will enable us to apply lessons from the past, and potentially avoid repeating Some of the mistakes. Our approach looks beyond the historical dates and facts and focuses on the effects these events have had.

Was Constantine a good thing to have happened to the church? Why were Christians in the past so keen on monks and monasteries? Would the Reformation still happen had Martin Luther never been born? Where did your denomination come from? Do the events of the past shackle our present development? Were the Church councils of the third and fourth centuries too dominated by politics to be of any theological validity?

This module will enable you to gain an Overall grasp of the history of the Christian Church from its beginning to the present. Investigating how the Church confronted the challenges of the past, you will be better able to apply that thinking and insight to Contemporary problems and situations.