Christian Life & Today’s World

We tend to take the world around us for granted. Like fish in the water, we are barely even aware of the way that our culture impacts and affects us. Furthermore, life in our contemporary western culture seems to move at an increasingly hectic pace. We find it difficult not to be conformed to our culture, let alone act effectively to transform it.

How can I recognise the way the world’s culture influence me? Should Christians engage with the modern world, or should we campaign for the preservation of traditional values and methods? How do go about buying and spending without being affected by the consumerist values of advertising?

CL & Today’s World is designed to help you identify the cultural influences – obvious and subtle – that affect us, to understand the relationship between faith and contemporary culture, and how to engage with the culture in ways that move beyond the superficial to create real transformation.

A copy of the companion book Christian Life and Today’s World (SU, 2002) is supplied with the study material.