Already have an undergraduate degree? Want to take your studies further? Then do consider our range of postgraduate programmes.

MA in Integrative Theology

The Master of Arts in Integrative Theology is a unique MA programme that seeks to foster a holistic approach to doing theology which rejuvenates the study and practice of Christian theology for Church and world. It aims to form holistic practitioners of theology by means of the integration of the commonly recognised sources of theological knowledge and the theological sub-disciplines that are often studied as islands in themselves.

MATS Programme Leader and Lecturer in New Testament
John Dennis
Lecturer in Theological Education
Marvin Oxenham

MA in Theological Education (DE)

This distinctive set of qualifications represent a unique opportunity for theological educators from all over the globe to obtain much-desired professional training in education. It is no secret that teachers in Bible colleges and seminaries all over the world are traditionally trained in theology, but not necessarily in education.

MA in Aspects and Implications of Biblical Interpretation (DE)

The Master of Arts in Aspects & Implications of Biblical Interpretation has been designed for students from a variety of backgrounds who want to increase their skills in biblical interpretation. The programme is designed to help students develop the analytical and evaluative skills required to engage in responsible biblical interpretation, and to also use these to relate Scripture to the contemporary world, personal spirituality, past experience and future ministry.

MA in Biblical Studies Programme Leader
Julie Robb