Managing Your Money

Guidance for new students on fees, funding, and budgeting before staring your studies at London School of Theology.


Starting your studies may be the first time you have had the opportunity to manage your own money as a student.

This page outlines the things to think about when gaining control of your own finances, such as acknowledging the expected income you may receive to study (eg. student loans, scholarships, bursaries, additional financial assistance) and the typical expenses you may need to budget for.

Student Income

When planning a budget, it is important to understand when and how much you will have income options, funding, scholarships, sponsorships, loans, or a part-time job.

Financial Assistance

The majority of students can only study with some form(s) of financial aid to help with paying tuition fees and/or living costs while studying.

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Student Loan

You can apply for a student loan to cover the cost of your tuition during your studies. This loan means that you will not have to pay fees upfront yourself and instead can repay the cost of your degree once you have graduated and are earning over a certain amount.

Visit Student Finance England for helpful information and video guides.


You may be eligible for a bursary, scholarships and other financial aid and it is worth checking the Scholarship section of our website when applying and getting ready to start your studies at London School of Theology.

Working a Part-time Job

Working whilst at London School of Theology is a great way to earn a little extra money, take time out of studies to meet others and learn new skills. However, it is important that you only take on work that will not interfere with your academic priorities.

It may be challenging to find part-time work, especially for a short period of time. Our Vocational Services team regularly advertise part-time jobs throughout the year.

Most international students who are studying in the UK for a year or more are eligible to work part-time. However, some students may have restrictions on how much work they can do. You should check your passport to see what your individual situation is.

The website of the Student Immigration Service offers clear and detailed advice on working during your studies.

This includes information about:

  • The type of work Tier 4 visa holders are allowed to do, and not allowed to do
  • The number of hours Tier 4 visa holders can work
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