Nikolaos Souvlakis
Counselling Programme Leader

BSc (Sport Sciences), BSc (Psychology), Postgraduate Personality and Aptitude Psychometric Tester, Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Postgraduate Clinical Supervision, Postgraduate Church and Theatre Sign Language Interpretation, MA Psychology of Religion, Msc Forensic Psychology

Nikolaos has graduated as a psychotherapist, psychologist, sports scientist and theologian. He has extensive experience working in psychotherapeutic settings providing individual, couples, group therapy and clinical supervision. His first master’s degree is in forensic psychology and criminal investigation, linked with psychoanalysis while his second master’s is in psychology of religion. Nikolaos specialized in spirituality. He has worked in a variety of settings such as the NHS, the Ministry of Justice, and other religious organizations in UK, Europe and USA.

Nikolaos has a keen interest in exploring spirituality and individuals’ well-being and healing processes which is the main focus of his PhD. His research interests are in the healing powers of religious beliefs, mental health and spiritual possession with a particular interest on evil eye. Further to such interests, most of his clinical and academic life has been focused on early on spiritual trauma and personality disorders but more specifically on psychopaths. He has developed a specific interest as psychotherapist on spiritual trauma and the forensics and the integration of religion and spirituality and psychotherapy.

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