Alex Irving
Alex Irving is a graduate of LST (2010-2013), where he served on the Committee as Student President and - in his final year - obtained the Sir Eric Richardson Prize for academic achievement. Alex continued his studies at LST in 2014-15 in which he completed a masters thesis examining the relationship between Basil of Caesarea’s trinitarian theology and the metaphysics of Aristotle. Following this, Alex moved to Oxford where he undertook doctoral studies considering the nature of logical formalization in the theological method of T.F. Torrance under the supervision of Professor Alister McGrath. During this time, Alex was also in training for ordained ministry in the Church of England at Wycliffe Hall. Currently, Alex is serving as curate of St Stephen’s Church in Norwich where he lives with his wife Sophia and daughter Rachael. Alex has been on the board since 2014 and served as a visiting lecturer and online tutor since 2017.
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