Christopher Grey
MA (London) BMus (London, RAM) LRAM, CHASE (AHRC) Scholar, Open University
Lecturer in Music
Biography Chris trained initially at the Royal Academy of Music, specialising in harmony and composition with Arthur Wills and Malcolm Hill, principal study on the violin/viola under Winifred Roberts and Ian Jewel, and piano with Jean Anderson. Previously, he studied the violin with Marta Eitler and Haroutune Bedelian. Later, he was awarded a distinction for an MA in Music Education, with a dissertation in the aesthetics of music. He has been part of the Theology, Music and Worship programme at LST since 1997. Currently, Chris is undertaking doctoral research in philosophy, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. His thesis, ‘A theological aesthetic of musical beauty, drawing on the notion of Poetic Knowledge in the work of Catholic philosopher Jacques Maritain,’ critiques the way that forces culminating in the scientific worldview set the mind against questions of aesthetic perception and beauty when forming knowledge. He is exploring the notion of musical beauty (a neglected theme in evangelicalism) within a theological framework, and developing an aesthetic that is historically sensitive, orthodox, and which survives postmodern scepticism. At LST, two of his courses explore the territory between Christian theology, music and the arts: broadly classed as ‘Theological Aesthetics’—a discipline which crosses ecclesiastical boundaries. Here, students encounter diverse historical and contemporary sources, engaging with the theory and practice of artistic creation. Chris also oversees the performance components of the Theology, Music and Worship programme, and he especially looks forward to the end-of-year recitals—a unique feature of our courses. Chris taught in secondary music education for over 20 years, directing Chamber Orchestras, other ensembles, and teaching the piano and violin. A fervent jazz enthusiast, pianist and guitarist – he also performs, teaches and leads jazz and improvisation workshops – and plays regularly with the Jazz Vespers Project based at Westminster Central Hall. He is married to Liz, a nurse, and they have six children between the ages of 4 and 21, three of whom are at university. Teaching at LST this year Level 6 Integrating Theology and the Arts Level 5 Understanding Music Module leader: level 4,5 and 6 Performance Studies Module leader: Performance Skills MTh research supervision in theological aesthetics Research interests Theological aesthetics and music philosophy Musical composition and techniques Aural perception and theory Jazz education Professional membership The American Maritain Association, University of Notre Dame Conferences/paper presentations The Music Aesthetic Inside Maritain’s Notion of Poetic Knowledge. Paper at American Maritain Association 40th Annual Conference, 2017, Notre Dame University. “Can’t Sing, Won’t Sing”: The Melodic, Harmonic and Rhythmic Decline of Vocal Memory in Congregational Singing. Paper at 3rd Biennial Christian Congregational Music Conference, 2015, Ripon College Cuddesdon, Oxford. The Dynamics of Knowing: Process in the Experience of Composer, Performer and Listener. Paper at the Society for the Study of Theology Annual Conference 2010, Manchester University.
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