Geraldine Luce
BA Hons (Bath Spa) PGCE
Lecturer in Music
Geraldine is a songwriter, gospel artist, gathered worship leader and choir director. Her experience has taken her to numerous local churches around the UK, to events like Spring Harvest, the Lambeth Conference, David’s Tent and New Wine and further afield to Europe, Canada and Asia where she has run training sessions for vocalists, choirs and worship leaders. Her recording discography includes six solo CDs, two choir resourcing CDs and numerous ‘live’ recordings with listings on Spotify, Sound cloud, iTunes and YouTube. She has worked with the BBC featuring on both Daily Service and Sunday Worship broadcasts. Published songs include ‘Spirit of God’ (http://www.soundcloud.com/user-49357165/spirit-of-God), ‘Lord you hear the cry’ (www.resoundworship.org/song/lord_you_hear_the_cry_lord_have_mercy) and a creative project ‘Voice’ – a song written by Geraldine and her husband Carey, (video by LST alumni Luke Aylen) and performed by LST choir (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HofyCOx23VI) A BA graduate in music from Bath University, Geraldine has also been a Head of Department in a diverse city school and directed the music and worship for many years in her local church. She is also an associate of the Royal School of Church Music (ARSCM) as a choir animateur. She lectures on a variety of topics at LST including vocal improvisation, rehearsal technique, worship leading, song writing and runs LST choir.
01923 456000