Rosy Ellis
Welfare Secretary
Rosy is a Level 5 Theology Student and has taken on the role of Welfare Secretary. This means she is on the lookout for ways to keep improving the wellbeing of students and staff, and ensuring the community is a safe and welcoming place for everyone. She is passionate about inclusion, respect and providing snacks to students in need. Her role includes locker management, kitchen liaising, and general problem handling; if you have an opinion on any of these things, do send her an email. Rosy is twenty, and grew up in a small town in the West Country, but spent her teenage years in Brighton which is where she met Jesus (and less importantly but still excitingly, Christian rapper Guvna B ) for the first time. She hopes that by the time she leaves LST she will have figured out what God is calling her to do. She loves a chat and a coffee, and looks forward to meeting lots of you.
01923 456000