Corinne Broughton
Entertainment Secretary
Corinne Broughton is in her second year at LST on the Theology and Worship course, this year as our Entertainment Secretary on the Student Committee. This means basically means that she’s in charge of fun. She will be organising social events throughout the year, keeping the Student Body informed of some interesting things going on outside of college, heading up ‘Fun Night’ each week and having general oversight of the STUD (Student Centre.) Corinne has been around for nineteen years or so, originating from the good old midlands town of Kettering. She is passionate about fairy lights, maps, milky cups of tea, making Spotify playlists, Lord of the Rings and cultivating an atmosphere of community and joy here at LST. Corinne’s heart is really for all things musical and artistic, especially getting creative in the context of worship! Also, Corinne’s room on campus is cosy, colourful (usually tidy) and fairy-lit so if you’re ever in need of a chat over a cup of tea or have ideas for new ways in which the community can have fun and fellowship together, be sure to let her know.
01923 456000