Lyn Powell
Theology and Counselling Level 5 leader & lecturer
They say that these days most people change their professions 3 times in their lifetimes. So here is a quick look at my three lives. My first profession was as a teacher working with young children and their parents which led easily into… My second “profession” as a wife and mother which developed alongside continuing to work with young people and small groups of women ~all of which encouraged my pastoral skills. Especially when we moved the whole family to Nepal to work with a Christian medical health agency for over 8 years!! There I was involved with the education of ‘Miss Kids’ and also helped found, support, train and staff a Christian school and hostel for Tibetan refugee children connecting with Tibetan leaders in the local camps. On returning home my third profession began in earnest as I started to add professional therapeutic qualifications to my pastoral experience. First completing a Theology & Counselling degree at LST to be closely followed by a 5 year MSc Integrative psychotherapy at Metanoia Institute. With Both UKCP & BACP accreditation achieved I began lecturing at TC/LST and shortly after finished a PG Certificate in Clinical Supervision. My interest in displacement, bereavement & trauma, my own client work and an ongoing interest in Relationship issues and developing the REMA model content led me into the psycho-sexual world and engaging - and train our counsellors- with issues of sexuality such as internet addictions, sexual development , embodiment and gender issues.