We are privileged at LST to have one of the best evangelical theological libraries in Europe.

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On the open shelves for you to use, we have 

  •     over 47,000 printed books, pamphlets, music recordings and music grade tutor books
  •     300 periodical titles including 50 current titles

On restricted access (ask Library staff), we have: 

  •     Print / audio / video archive of LST / LBC productions and speakers 
  •     Thesis collection from our graduates - over 300 PhD, MPhil, MTh and MA
  •     Archive - FAVOUR collection - special old books, college history, photos, trophies,
        reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes, videos, slides and more
  •     Guthrie legacy collection

Find what you want by using the Online Catalogue

We also have an Online Library - it is not small! Visitors can access these via their own devices while in the library but not off-site.

  •      26,000 ebooks on theology, religion and philosophy
  •      450 plus eperiodical titles on many subjects

You can search all the databases, eBooks and ePeriodicals we provide through our EBSCO Discovery Service all at once (eBooks, ePeriodicals, databases including the text contained in each) or browse by title only.

Who can use the Library?

As well as LST staff and students, visitors are welcome to use the Library at the London School of Theology. Access is for reference purposes only (no borrowing) during office hours: 9am – 4:30pm weekdays. Keep in mind there will be holiday closures too. It is a good idea to telephone ahead to check before your visit : 01923 456190. There are fees for visitors as follows:

  •     £5 for a single day visit
  •     £15 for a week of access (5 consecutive working days)
  •     £25 for the working days of a calendar month (e.g. 5th July to the 4th August)
  •     £60 for a year of access (this would exclude all days when the college is closed)


The following people are exempt from any fees except for printing and photocopying

  •     Ministers/Leadership of local churches
  •     Missionaries and employees of Christian organizations
  •     RE teachers
  •     LST Open Learning Students
  •     Former college staff
  •     Alumni

Students at the college cannot bring in family and friends to use the library unless under exceptional circumstances, and only after arranging this with the library staff in advance.

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How can I find the books I want in the library?

Use the catalogue

to find the spine mark of each book you want to find. Use the map to take you to the shelves beginning with the same letter. This map is posted in the Library foyer.  After being taken to the right general area, the signs on the end of each set of shelves will guide you more specifically. If you still cannot find what you seek, ask the library staff.

Where in the Library are the printed periodicals?

In the Library, the printed periodicals are kept on the top two shelves in the Lower and Upper library. You will need to use one of the special safety ladders to reach them. The map used to guide you to the right general area is posted in the foyer.

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How can I photocopy, scan or print?

In the Library, there is a room with two large machines that copy, scan and print. Visitors can collect a copy card from Reception to photocopy. Free scans can be made by borrowing the scanning card kept in the library office.  It is possible to scan directly to USB memory stick without cost. It is also possible to scan and send small sized scans directly to email. Keep library books away from the card reader as they are tagged and will mess up your copying if they get too close. No refunds for mistakes only faults. If the machines run out of paper ask the library staff to fill them up. Some extra paper will be left on the shelf in the Print Room but it is not free stationery.

Please remember that all copying is subject to legal copyright restrictions. A clear statement of these rules as they apply to non-restricted materials are posted above the machines. Please read them carefully. 

Charges are: 5p black and white A4, 10p black and white A3, 10p for colour A4, 20p for colour A3