Structure of the Programme
There are three levels of study, over three years , with three possible exit points on the programme, including a Certificate in Higher Education after 120 credits, a Diploma in Higher Education after 240 credits, or a BA (Hons) Degree after 360 credits.

If you are a full-time student, you can work to graduate in 3 years. If you are a part-time student you will normally complete your studies in 6 years. You will also have two practical placement modules that you will complete at levels 4 and 5, and a final dissertation project at level 6.

PG Cert TE – Postgraduate Certificate in Theological Education

The course consists of two 30-credit modules delivered through a combination of distance learning and intensives over the course of a year. There are two possible starting dates (October and April). Each module is supported by a website with interactive functionality to provide class contact.

PG Dip TE – Postgraduate Diploma in Theological Education

In addition to the PGCertTE modules, students will take a further 60-credits delivered by distance learning over the course of a year. Distance learning modules will start in October and April each year lasting 5 months. The following three options are available*.

MATE – MA in Theological Education

This is the third (highest) exit award of the Postgraduate Educational studies at London School of Theology for theological educators. To be awarded the MA in Theological Education, students must complete 120-credits from the PGCertTE and PGDipTE as well as a 60-credit educational research module dealing with research in theological education.

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