MA in Aspects and Implications of Biblical Interpretation

Structure of the Programme
The MA in Aspects and Implications of Biblical Interpretation consists of two parts.

Part 1

Part one requires 120 credits, which are made up by a compulsory Hermeneutics 40 credit module and then two chosen 40 credit modules from the list below:

  • Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts
  • Old Testament Theology in Context
  • Theology of the Poor
  • Qu’ranic and Post Qu’ranic Interpretation of Biblical Themes

Part 2

On completion of Part 1, you will progress to Part 2 of the programme. This is the research and writing of a 15-20 000 word Dissertation on a subject of your choice that has a demonstrable link with hermeneutics.

For this project, the Programme Leader will identify a supervisor who has knowledge of the chosen area and who can support you in the development of a dissertation proposal and through to final submission.

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