MA in Aspects and Implications of Biblical Interpretation

Structure of the Programme
The MA in Ministry Studies has three core modules and three optional modules.

The MA Ministry Studies (180 credits) includes the first core module on Practical Theology and Reflective Practice (40 credits), which is central to the whole programme.

It provides an essential grounding in the literature in the field. The second core module on Dissertation Research and Design (20 credits) is included as compulsory, as well as the Dissertation (60 credits), where the student can select a particular topic for study in significant depth.

Optional Modules

Three further optional modules (each 20 credits) are chosen by the student according to their interest.

Term 1

  • Pastoral Psychology
  • Education in Context
  • Leadership and the Public Square


Term 2

  • Ministry in Context
  • Empirical Research Methods
  • Spirituality in Ministry
  • Practicum (full time option only)


There is some with some interchangeability within our suite of three MA programmes– allowing at least one module to be selected from a different MA.