Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

We’re getting ready for you!

Our 2020/21 academic year is fast approaching and we are looking forward to welcoming our new and returning students back on campus! Inevitably, because of the current situation, this year is going to look a little different but we will ensure that LST’s fantastic community life is maintained.

We are closely following government guidelines and implementing various safety measures to protect you and to control the virus. We will amend our procedures to reflect any changes to regulations as they arise. We are incorporating extensive cleaning protocols and social distancing practices throughout the campus.

Key measures include:


  • One-way system for entry/exit and in corridors and classrooms where possible.
  • Plastic screens will be introduced at reception and the music studio to protect both students and our employees.
  • There will be increased signage and clear floor markings to help everyone remain at a safe distance and employees are on hand to support.
  • Reduced capacity in our classrooms with increased space between desks to 1m+
  • The teaching experience will vary with small classes being taught face-to-face, larger classes being taught in a hybrid manner (some people in class and some on-line via zoom) and a small number of classes being taught remotely via zoom (this is where faculty are absent from campus because of health concerns).
  • Library will have limited capacity. Residents will be required to use the room and research students will be required to use the research room for study.
  • The chapel will have restricted numbers, some music but, at the moment, no congregational singing. It will be streamed on-line as well.
  • The dining room experience will be different with staggered mealtimes, revised menus, food pre-plated for collection and the maintaining of social distance.
  • Use of face masks will be made compulsory in some areas where 2m social distancing may be difficult.
  • We are reducing the number of students in certain areas to ensure everyone can practice social distancing.
  • There will be restricted access to faculty offices, with individual tutorials being conducted via zoom.
  • Off-campus students will have restricted access to public spaces only.
  • The Student Centre (‘the Stud’) will be available but accessed using appropriate social distancing measures. Face masks will be required in areas where 2m distance cannot be maintained.
  • Gym will have reduced capacity with workout areas of 3m x 3m to allow safe use of equipment.
  • Residential hall areas will have changes; there will be only single rooms available and we are looking at the possibility and practicalities of creating protective bubbles/groupings for each floor/zone to allow some socialising and interaction between residents. We will be organising additional kitchenettes on the 1st and 2nd floor to reduce the number of students using each space. There will be strictly no access for non-residents to resident hall areas without prior permission and guests will not be permitted for visits or overnight stays during the pandemic.


  • Cleaning will be carried out with a fully viricidal disinfectant cleaner.
  • We will be increasing the number of cleaning staff/hours, allowing us to increase the volume of cleaning across the campus, with particular attention being paid to areas of high traffic and shared use facilities.
  • We will be introducing sanitisation points across the campus. There will be hand sanitiser dispensers at entry points and also sanitiser spray with disposable blue paper available to help wipe down and clean equipment before and after use. Sanitising wipes will be available for music instruments if needed.
  • There will be some shared spaces such as kitchens, toilets and showers areas temporarily closed for cleaning and disinfecting daily to ensure a thorough and safe clean is conducted.
  • Library material will be cleaned or put out of use for 72 hours before returning to circulation.


We can’t wait to see you on campus this September!