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    For over 70 years the London School of Theology (LST) has provided the opportunity to study, in an interdenominational context, at the highest level of evangelical theology. We offer a truly thought-provoking and challenging range of courses that will enhance your walk with God whilst preparing you to engage with the world in a wholly new way.

    LST is a place that will enable you to hone your research and analytical skills. But it offers much more than that. At LST we are committed to training the whole person. Our world class faculty will engage, encourage and equip you to reach new levels of achievement as you develop academically, spiritually, practically and personally.

    Excellence doesn’t come easily, but it is worth the effort.

    Choosing LST is to be open to God’s will for every area of your life. It is to be trained to think, certainly. It is also to be encouraged to work out the implications of that thinking both for your life and for God’s world.

    Let’s change the world together.


Formed as London Bible College (LBC) in the middle of World War Two by a group of ministers, missionaries and business people with a vision for an interdenominational, evangelical college that would counter the rising tide of liberal scholarship in Western universities and prepare Christians to interact with post-war world.

In 2004, LBC became London School of Theology (LST), and continues to be known throughout the world as a place where intellectual thoroughness and rigour go hand in hand with a passion to see students grow personally and spiritually.

LST is the largest interdenominational evangelical theological college in Europe, whose graduates can be found in leadership roles throughout the Christian world and beyond.

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